Looking for Legal Insight into CRE Outbreaks and Lawsuits?

The media often looks to our attorneys for information and legal analysis on important news stories. Following the recent CRE outbreaks in Los Angeles, attorneys Pete Kaufman and Kevin Boyle have appeared on outlets such as CNN, the LA Times, the Guardian, ABC, NBC and more.

If you have any questions regarding CRE infections please email attorneys Kevin Boyle (boyle@psblaw.com) or Pete Kaufman (kaufman@psblaw.com) for an immediate response or call them toll free at 877-800-1700 or 310-435-3541 (cell phone).

Recent CRE Articles Featuring Our Attorneys

CNN –  February, 19 2015

LA Times – February 19, 2015

New York Times – February 19, 2015

CNN – February 20, 2015

ABC News – February, 20 2015

The Guardian – February, 26 2015

KPCC – February 26 2015

Breibart.com – March 6, 2015

Business Insider – March 17, 2015